Charlie Somik-almost perfect ladyboy (seen on efukt)

I am writing this in case anyone wonders who is the girl/boy in the “Almost perfect” post on

“Her” name is Charlie Somik, and i believe she is not almost perfect, but just perfect!

Name : Charlie Somik Chan

Aka : Isaac Israel , Somik-Chan, Charlie Chan, Charlie Somik Chan, Som May

Who’s with me?

perfect lady boy

charlie somik

perfect girl

more pictures of “her” here. and here

Ur welcome!

3 thoughts on “Charlie Somik-almost perfect ladyboy (seen on efukt)

  1. i wish she have internet network like instagram, facebook or something…but shame that she’s a russian. a possibility she cant communicate in english. if anyone know how to contact her (if she have fan page or something, i be appreciate if u let me know) Thx !

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