1992 Los Angeles riots.

I’ve written a post before(2nd September 2009) on this issue, asking for raw footage of these events.

I remember seeing those in an almost 4 hour nonstop, unedited footage, on Reality TV, back in early 00’s.

This tells us something about human nature.

Not only what happened back then, but how Bob Tur, the reporter that filmed Reginald Denny’s beating, brags about that coverage, keeping as a memorial the very brick the victim was hit with.

At approximately 6:45 pm, Reginald Oliver Denny, a white truck driver who stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Florence and South Normandie Avenues, was dragged from his vehicle and severely beaten by a mob of local black residents as news helicopters hovered above, recording every blow, including a concrete fragment connecting with Denny’s temple and a cinder block thrown at his head as he lay unconscious in the street. The police never appeared, having been ordered to withdraw for their own safety, although several assailants (the so-called L.A. Four) were later arrested and one, Damian Williams, was sent to prison. Instead, Denny was rescued by an unarmed, African American civilian named Bobby Green Jr. who, seeing the assault live on television, rushed to the scene and drove Denny to the hospital using the victim’s own truck, which carried twenty-seven tons of sand. Denny had to undergo years of rehabilitative therapy, and his speech and ability to walk were permanently damaged. Although several other motorists were brutally beaten by the same mob, Denny remains the best-known victim of the riots because of the live television coverage.
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1cb_1304689062#dGidvAYFJzTg78vT.99

I am not going to go neither over the reason that the riot began, nor
about details about it.

Just over the conclusion: Human race is a filth 🙂
Civilisation does’t exist, but only in our imagination, trying to believe that we’re more than animals: yes, we are: a malitios kind of animal.

Kisses, and tears!

Bye! And Die!


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