Societate de caini:Dogville

Piesa de teatru Vizita Batranei doamne mi-a retrezit dorinta de a revedea pelicula Dogville.

Ambele sunt capodopere. Una de teatru, cealalta de cinema.
Spunea cineva ca, daca Dogville ar fi fost piesa de teatru, ar fi obtinut cu siguranta premiul de cea mai buna piesa de teatru.

Lars Von Trier posterul dogville

Dar nu este piesa de teatru, ci film.

Chiar daca platoul aduce cu o scena (saracacioasa) de teatru.

Pe majoritatea filmelor care au avut ceva de spus le-am vizionat in liceu, cu ideea de a le relua ceva mai tarziu, cand aveam sa le inteleg mai bine.

Realitatile exprimate in fiecare secunda de acest film vor ramane insa pururea actuale.

Dezumanizarea, raul, mercantilismul…toate sunt prezente atat in film, cat si in realitate, peste tot.

Dar exista iluzia de societate civilizata, asa cum exista si asezarea Dogville, un mic orasel format din oameni buni.
“Evil can arise anywhere, as long as the situation is right.” spunea Lars von Trier, regizorul.
Ceea ce inseamna, implicit, ca raul exista pretutindeni, in fiecare.

O critica a societatii, si o critica si a societatii americane.

Structurat pe 9 capitole (de altfel, cum isi structureaza mereu Lars filmele), filmul are si ceva implicatii divine, doar pentru cine vrea sa le vada:
Grace era Iisus, iar tatal ei, care apare in final, Dumnezeu.
Iar finalul nu poate fi nicium altfel decat anihilarea totala a umanitatii, in pofida eforturilor lui Iisus de a “patimi pentru pacatosi”
(Grace Margaret Mulligan is Jesus, and her father-the big man is God)
Finalul, probabil, este ca o usurare pentru toti cei care iubesc binele, dar nu il pot pune in aplicare decat prin “purificare” a raului.

Citate preferate din film:

Whether Grace left Dogville, or on the contrary Dogville had left her – and the world in general – is a question of a more artful nature that few would benefit from by asking, and even fewer by providing an answer. And nor indeed will it be answered here.

There’s a family with kids. Do the kids and make the mother watch. Tell her you’ll stop if she can hold back her tears. I *owe* her that.

How could she ever hate them for what was at bottom merely their weakness? She would probably have done things like those to be fallen her if she had lived in one of these houses. To measure them by her own yardstick as her father put it. Would she not, in all honesty, have done the same as Chuck and Vera and Ben and Mrs Henson and Tom and all these people in their houses? Grace paused. – – – And all of a sudden she knew the answer to her question all too well. If she had acted like them she could not have defended a single one of her actions and could not have condemned them harshly enough. It was as if her sorrow and pain finally assumed their rightful place. No. What they had done was not good enough. And if one had the power to put it to right it was one’s duty to do so – for the sake of other towns, for the sake of humanity. And not least for the sake of the human being that was grace herself.

If there is any town this world would be better without, this is it.

Numai ca…..


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