Meridian dies in car crash!?

Rumours have it that one of my favorite porno actess dies due to a car crash.
Although wikiporn and Imdb only share her birthdate, more and more connaiseurs say that she is deceased, and also a clip of tribute for her appeared on youtube.

Her real name was/is Svetlana Frolikova.I wrote about her here.She also went by the names:Bianca Aster, Bianca Astor,Meridiane,Meridian,Rosy Bolton, Lana Storm.
She was from Czech Republic and had the most gorgeous eyes in the industry, and a great, but great libido.
The only thing I resented at her was that she didn’t enjoy very well watersports scenes:)
Uploader’s comment:Meridian,wherever you are …Thanks for everything, and remember that we will love you forever,because you’re the dream woman and you’re a point of light in a dark world

Music “You Are The Girl” -“The Cars”.

20 thoughts on “Meridian dies in car crash!?

  1. I’ve heard contradicting reports. This weekend, for example, I read that she is, in fact NOT dead, living in Prague, married to a mainstream film director, with 3 kids ( While I’m sad that she’s no longer in the industry (In my opinion, she was one of the most beautiful women to ever work in porn), I am happy to hear that she may yet be alive. If she IS alive, I kind of think it’s better that she got out while she was still ahead (Young & Beautiful). You don’t want to live your entire life in the porn industry. Would love to see an interview with her…

  2. I believe that he mixed it up with another pornstar named Meridian, this czech girl made movies during the 2000’s, one of my favorites!

  3. She is alive. She was active only for a couple of years. Now she lives in Prague married a director.

  4. She isn’t… And the reports of her in living in Prague are not correct either. Whoever said something about her going out on top, or leaving the industry while she was still young, beautiful and so fondly remembered… Is correct, in a way. She has moved on with her life and is hopefully living happily. I know for a fact she doesn’t live in Prague, or anywhere near.
    In my opinion, there has never been a woman as beautiful to have graced the screen. Second to none… She is one in a million and is still as beautiful as ever… As a ‘cinnamon, brunette girl’ again! ; )

  5. Yup, that’s her, Martin. She looks very different from those blonde days but those eyes you can never change… Still as beautiful as ever. She’s a year older than I am, so she’s 40ish now, as of November 2016. She may commute back to Liberec but I also hear the West Coast is beautiful (these days). -Go Giants!

  6. C’est incroyable, je ne l’avais pas reconnu et effectivement les yeux, les traits du visage, cette femme n’était pas une actrice porno classique, on ne voulait pas lui c….. mais j’aurais fait n’importe quoi pour un petit bisou ou la rencontrer, beaucoup l’aurait épousé.
    Un visage d’ange, je l’avais découvert en première page de HOT, oui à l’époque peu de vidéos, Svetlana tu auras fait fantasmer beaucoup d’hommes, merci.
    Un seul regret, je donnerais encore cher pour une dédicace.

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