5 thoughts on “drive in

  1. Ar fi trebuit sa zici drive-through, nu drive-in. MARE DIFERENTA!

    “A drive-in is a facility such as a bank, restaurant, or movie theater where one can literally drive in with an automobile for service. It is usually distinguished from a drive-through. At a drive-in restaurant, for example, customers park their vehicles and are usually served by staff who walk out to take orders and return with food, encouraging diners to remain parked while they eat. At a drive-through restaurant, conversely, customers wait in a line and pass by one or more windows to order, pay, and receive their food, encouraging them to take their meals elsewhere to eat.”

  2. Lasand faza ,nu imi imaginez cum poti manca ceva cand calul isi flutura coada si dosul in fata ta!? Poate pe ei ii incita totusi si le da o pofta mai MARE! 🙂

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