The economist:
IF YOU can’t cut pensions, raise taxes. That is the Romanian government’s response to a supreme court ruling that its planned cuts in pensions and social benefits were illegal. Instead, the govenrment will raise value-added tax to 24%, the highest in Europe. The aim is to placate the International Monetary Fund, which is the guarantor of a $20 billion bailout plan. But the IMF says it may postpone a meeting, planned for June 30th, at which it was due to assess Romania’s progress in stabilising the economy and reducing the deficit from 7.2% of GDP to 6.8% this year. Had all gone well, it would have given the OK for the next €2 billion ($2.68 billion) tranche of IMF and EU money.

Da, nu ni se pare noua ca guvernul e incompetent pentru ca avem ceva cu clasa politica, chiar e incompetent.

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