1. Ce mizerie e filmuletul ala cu Basescu care loveste un copchil(aurolac, mutat la furat in Italia, in prezent).Pare reala filmarea, insa felul cum Patriciu declara ca impotriva lui Traian Basescu are ceva personal, dupa ce l-a vazut lovind un copil in 2004 la Ploiesti, mi se pare de 2 lei.Vechi.Dinu patriciu cred ca are ceva impotriva lui basescu personal pentru ca nu a amanat intrarea in EU, astfel neprivatizand tot ce avea de privatizat Patriciu.Al dracului sa fie, acum s-a trezit sa spuna asta, dupa 5 ani de zile.Nu atunci, Nu dupa un an, doi, trei, dar fix acum , cu o saptamana inainte de prezidentiale, cand Basescu e in turu’2.
Bai, frate, nu vad cum m-ar influentza pe mine clipul asta daca as vrea sa votez cu Basescu,sau cum m-ar influentza sa votez cu Geoana, daca n-as vrea sa votez cu el.
2Referitor la cazul Ramonei Mischie, adica profesoara de mai jos pentru care cica s-a sinucis un elev:

Lasand la o parte declaratiile profesoarei,(de care pot spune ca m-am indragostit instant, la prima vedere) si discutiile avute de cei doi pe messenger, pot spune cu mana pe…inima(:D) ca si eu m-as sinucide fara sa ezit pentru dumneaei.Este extrem de frumoasa, iar metoda de sinucidere as alege-o sa fie excess de sex.Jur.

Pana si Iulia de la BCR mi-a spus ceva referitor la fizicul Ramonei Mishie, dar nu pot reproduce.
Sper sa nu mi-o luati in nume de rau, dar chiar m-am indragostit la prima vedere de tipa.Este fff posibil ca ea sa aiba mare parte din vina, si sa il fi deceptionat pe baiat,(desi nu e motiv sa-ti iei zilele asa, decat daca ai o pb psihica accentuata) nu ii iau apararea, dar nici nu dau cu pietre in ea, insa chiar e o tipa ca lumea si ii doresc sa treaca peste, pare destul de puternica.Nu se compara nici cu Carmen Bejan, medicinista care l-a transat pe cioroiul tiganul ala, si nici cu Corina Vasile, profesoara dupoa care s-a sinucis Ralph(Bogdan Costache), in urma cu ceva ani….

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  1. I AM romanian and I can tell you EXACTLY what is going on here.I am 42 and I lived during Ceausescu .Then, the so called “revolution” took place. I was a student back then and I was one of the many who fought against dictature. I was there even when Iliescu called the miners to Bucharest in order to destroy all those who were against his attempt (and , obviously, not only his..) to catch hold the freedom for which so many died. And we were very many. Unfortunately, he succeded…There are almost 20 years since he and his party has been gouverning my country ..one way or another…In fact..they have ruined it.

    In 2004, after the presidential elections, Basescu was elected as the new president. He was part of an alliance formed by PNL ( the liberal party) and PD ( the democrat party). He was the one who chose the prime minister to be Tariceanu. Unfortunately, the last was( and still is ) hand in hand with one of the most vicious roumanian business men, Patriciu. This Patriciu, with the help of the previous socialist party ( PSD), whose most proeminent leaders were Iliescu and Nastase ( who had raced against Basescu in the elections) , had managed to steal the great part of romanian resources ( main oil and oil product companies) . Still, the hoped to have Basescu by their side. But he didn’t agree. And then started the battle for power.The last 5 years, Romania has confronted with political instability mainly because of Basescu’s determinacy not to let them do whatever they wanted. Yes, he is sometimes rude and he can’t keep his mouth. But he is the only one who tried to eliminate corruption , the only one who spoke against comunism…And now they are determined to make him stop.They own 2 important news channels and keep splashing their dirtiness over and over.Their television channels are anything but echidistant and realistic ( although one is called “reality” )

    As for that piece of rubbish that is on everywhere , it is a fake, not even a good one. Some of the best specialists proved that. All the romanian television programmes are commenting on the veridicity of the film , proving that it’s a fake ( they were so stupid and careless that they’ve forgotted to clear the marks). On the other hand, those channels I’ve told you about, are doing the contrary..

    To be honest, at first I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes.Then I felt frustrated. Who was I going to give my vote to? A comunist and a puppet on one hand and a brute who hits children on the other..It was horrible…I trusted that man….But after some time of these kind of conflicted feelings…

    Above all, I am a teacher .I could never, ever agree with somebody who hits children. I love children, and I feel they love me too. I would never ,ever be able to vote for this kind of character. But I am sure he didn’t hit that child .That child, who now is almost 16 and lives in Italy, even disapproves that the president hit him.

    As an argument in favour of my above speech, watch this film and see with your own eyes what the miners, called by Iliescu in 1990 ,did to those teenagers and children who hoped and fought for freedom and liberty.


    Thank you for your patience in reading this.

  2. Referitor la cazul Ramonei Mischie, este intr-adevăr foarte frumoasă, însă gestul ei privit din perspectiva eticii profesorale lasă de dorit!

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