Pentru a nu stiu daca am voie sa pun astea aici, am sa o fac si am sa vad ce se intampla… Ariel Rebel e pseudonimul ei si eu zic ca da bine in poze… E nascuta in ’85, si dupa ceva studii in design de moda, in Montreal(da, e canadianca..damn it), a devenit model … More fotogenie

Vangelis – Intergalactic Radio Station

Vangelis is one of my favs…his songs are just’s one of them – Intergalactic Radio Station i’ve, seen things.. many things that you can’t believe. Past designs, future designs, Cables in the bend. Second-hand sounds, Future sounds, Synthesised dialogues. Incomprehenseble software. Hi jon, let’s break some rules! Here comes the sun. We’re doing … More Vangelis – Intergalactic Radio Station

Yin and yang

De doua lucruri putem fi siguri in existenta asta: 1 Nu exista Binele Absolut. 2 Exista Raul Absolut Two things we know for sure in this existence: 1 There is no absolute Good. 2There is absolute Bad