Noaptea obsedaţilor, la Antena 1 cu Adela Lupşe

Cea mai tare la min 4 56: Ce tate mari ai!!!

ea: Multumesc frumos!

TV channel : Antena 1, Romania
Time and date : 20 february 2009, between 1:30 – 2:35
Hostess : Adela Lupşe (Lupshe)
—————————————- —
E de râs : ))) Poşeta Adelei, prima parte
—————————————- —
EN : Title: “The night of the obsessed ones, on Antena 1 with Adela Lupshe. One hour in 10 minutes”.
Theme written on the yellow board : “What is in Adela’s purse ?”
For the funny and obscene answers you can watch the annotations.
—————————————- ——————–
This game-show is not erotic or obscene by its nature,
but a lot of guys often call and say bad words just for fun,
because the prizes are not so big and the correct answers are so hard to find. The producers of this show are often
called “thieves” because that’s what they are in fact.

2 thoughts on “Noaptea obsedaţilor, la Antena 1 cu Adela Lupşe

  1. prea tare frate….asta kiar nu isi da seama k nu are ce cauta aklo???:)):)):))

  2. lol nicule :)))) de fiecare data ma surprinzi in mod placut cu prostiile astea :))
    cat mai multe !

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